Sunday, September 25, 2011

NW BBQ and Grilling School

We were invited to a class at a friend’s house on Thursday. I confess that I mainly went for the food and because I love spending time with friends. I also confess that the only thing I really ever cook on the grill is hot dogs and hamburgers with the occasional Hobo dinner or ribs…

But this class opened my eyes to a whole new world of BBQ possibilities! We made about 100 (ok, not that many but a LOT) different dishes from ribs to chicken to cabbage, to squash to dessert. It proved that you can do TONS of tasty things on the BBQ and that everything really does taste better with bacon! ;o)

Their dressed-up BBQ sauce and ribs were my absolute favorite!

I’d love to share the recipes I learned with you but that wouldn’t be right… But if you live in the PNW and ever want to throw a fun get together with friends, give NW BBQ and Grilling School a call. You won’t be sorry!

Oh, and be sure to have everyone bring containers for leftovers…

BBQ class 09

BBQ class 03

getting ready to do ribs

BBQ class 06

BBQ cabbage with rice stuffing

BBQ class 05

BBQ class 02

BBQ class 16

chicken rolls

BBQ class 04

baked (BBQ’d) peaches and plums

BBQ class 07

stuffed peppers

BBQ class 08

portabella mushrooms

BBQ class 15

orange soda chicken

BBQ class 17

whiskey salmon

BBQ class 18


BBQ class 10BBQ class 12

it is all ready to go on the grill

BBQ class 13

it actually took more than one grill to do it all

BBQ class 14

the kids worked up an appetite splitting wood

Thanks so much Don and Jan for inviting us! We had a fantastic and super delicious time!!!

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