Monday, August 23, 2010

Spring Water Soda

My friend Marilee showed us how to make root beer this spring and we liked it so much, we had to do it again. This time we made strawberry and orange cream. It’s fun and easy to make! Just make sure you make it about 7 to 10 days before you want to serve it…

There are tons of flavor possibilities by mixing flavors or using honey instead of sugar! There also is no caffeine!!!

Supplies such as yeast, flavors, bottle caps and a capper are available anywhere that beer or wine making supplies are sold.

*Make sure you use water that has no chlorine in it. Well water or spring water are the best. You can also use distilled water. Refrigerate any leftover extracts or yeast.


1 Gallon of soda:

1/8-1/4 tsp champagne yeast (or less)

1 Tbsp soda extract

2 cups sugar or honey (or to taste)

Fill to 1 gallon of water

2 Gallons of soda:

1/4-1/8 tsp champagne yeast (or less)

1/2 bottle soda extract

4 cups sugar or honey (or to taste)

Fill to 2 gallons of water

4 Gallons of soda:

1/2-1 tsp champagne yeast (or less)

1 bottle soda extract

8 cups sugar or honey (or to taste)

Fill to 4 gallons of water

Step 1- Wash and run empty glass bottles through dishwasher and heated dry cycle. Keep warm in dishwasher until ready to use.

pop 01Step 2- Fill large pot with water and heat to 98-110.

pop 02 pop 03Step 3- Remove 1 cup of warm water and stir in yeast until dissolved. Let stand at least 5 minutes. Mix again before adding to soda.

pop 04  Step 4- Stir sweetner into water until dissolved.

pop 05Step 5- Add extract. Taste to make sure mixture is right.

pop 06Step 6- Stir yeast mixture and stir into soda.

pop 08Step 7- Put warm bottles on table. And fill within 1-2 inches from top.

pop 07pop 09Step 8- Seal bottles with caps.

pop 10pop 11Step 9- Store bottles on side to check for leaks in a cool, dark place for 3 to 4 days. Discard any leaking bottles.

pop 12pop 13Step 10- Place bottles upright in fridge for another 6 to 10 days. Open bottles carefully over a sink, they might be rather volatile! Pour carefully into a glass in order to leave behind most of the yeast deposit. (it won’t hurt you, it just tastes funny)

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