Thursday, January 5, 2012


It started out with a simple trip to Big Lots to look for a bag of spaetzle for our Oktoberfest potluck at church. While looking in their “international food” section, I stumbled upon a package of Biscoff cookies. Touted as “the airline cookie” and “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee” just seemed to need to come home with me. These rather uninspiring little biscuits are made in Belgium and upon your first bite don’t scream These are the best cookies in all of Europe! In fact, they really aren’t all that delicious… I mean, they don’t even have any chocolate on them!

biscoff 07

But somehow, you are compelled to try another one… and then another and another. I actually think you could eat the whole package before realizing what you’ve done.

I had to ask myself why??? Why do I love these seemingly boring crispy cookies??? I don’t even really like crispy cookies!!!

biscoff 08

I came to a simple answer: CRACK! They must make them with crack! It’s the only logical conclusion as to why they are so darn addictive. Those sneaky Belgians! ;o)

Thankfully these little buggers are now available at our local grocery store! And just when I thought I could keep control of my cravings, I saw this on the shelf right next to its evil twin Nutella…

biscoff 05

It’s like eating a delightful creamy version of the cookie!

Oh, yeah! They’re made with crack… LOL

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