Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chai Tea

This actually isn’t my recipe but comes from my sister’s blog. I have been craving chai tea ever since I had some for my birthday! Today’s rainy, dismal weather put me over the edge and I resolved to make myself feel better with a cup of warm chai…

I love the way it smells! It is sort of a spicy-earthy smell that just makes you feel warm and cozy! And I love the way it looks in my owl mug…

chai 04

I followed her recipe (click HERE to see it) except for a few little details:

1. I used ground nutmeg. I know she said not to but I couldn’t help it!

chai 01*side note: the best way to peel fresh ginger is with the edge of a spoon. It works so slick!!!

2. I didn’t use heavy cream or condensed milk. I bought some sweetened vanilla almond milk and I liked it! It could have been a touch sweeter but I enjoyed it the way it was. Next time, I’ll add a bit of honey to it…

chai 033. We saved some and tried it iced, but it just wasn’t as good as it was hot. :o( Good thing it was hot tea weather today! (you can’t tell but this is dripping with sarcasm)

If you like chai, you have to try this one!!! 

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